About The Program

A Docker course teaches participants how to use Docker, an open-source platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of applications using containerization. It covers the fundamentals of Docker, containerization concepts, Docker networking, volumes, Docker Compose,, containerizing applications. The course aims to provide practical knowledge and skills to effectively use Docker for application development, deployment, and management.

Course Objective

Docker – DevOps Techlab – is leading the way as containers play a very vital role in the modern data-center today.
The core features this course covers includes: container creation and management and interacting with Docker hub, Docker file is used to create, manage and custom images, advanced Docker networking (how to safely expose container services, and link containers). Docker volumes to manage persistent data, and Docker Compose to build multi-container application Outcome.

Program Outcome

Upon completing a Docker course, participants will gain practical skills to:
• Understand Docker fundamentals and containerization concepts.
• Create, run, and manage containers using Docker.
• Utilize Docker networking and volumes for container communication and data persistence.
• Define and manage multi-container applications using Docker Compose.
• Containerize various types of applications effectively.
• Gain insights into deploying Docker in production environments. Overall, participants will be equipped to leverage Docker to streamline application development, deployment, and management processes.

Course Content

Managing Containers

  • Installing Docker
  • Docker Control Socket
  • Creating a New Container
  • Listing Containers
  • Viewing Container Operational Details
  • Running Commands in an Existing Container
  • Interacting with a Running Container
  • Stopping, Starting, and Removing Containers

Managing Images

  • Docker Images
  • Listing and Removing Images
  • Searching for Images
  • Downloading Images
  • Committing Changes
  • Uploading Images
  • Export/Import Images
  • Save/Load Images
  • Name and Tag
  • Managing Public and Private Image in Dockerhub
  • Events
  • Logs
  • Image History

Creating Images with Docker file

  • Docker file
  • Caching
  • docker build
  • Dockerfile Instructions
  • ENV and WORKDIR Directive
  • CMD and Entrypoint Directive
  • User and Expose Directive
  • Running Commands
  • Order of Execution
  • Getting Files into the Image
  • Defining ContainerExecutable
  • Container Memory & CPU Limitation

Docker Networking

  • Overview
  • Hostnames and DNS
  • Local Host <–> Container
  • Container <–> Container
  • Container <–> Container: Links
  • Remote Host <–> Container

Docker Volumes

  • Volume Concepts
  • Creating and Using Volumes
  • Changing Data in Volumes
  • Removing Volumes
  • Backing up Volumes
  • Volume mapping to host

Docker Compose

  • Introduction
  • Docker Compose example using yml file
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